Lord, You Made Me Strong

A Poem by Rodney Timms

Lord you have made me oh so strong.
I’ve been praying all night long.         
You have turned my life into a sweet song.              

I do trust you with all my heart.           
Before I met you my life was torn apart.     
Bruised and beaten since my life got its start.             

Feared it was just too much to overcome.       
Knew my life had to be over and done.            
He kept telling me I was stupid and dumb.           
Life as a child I never had any fun.               
Spent most of my childhood on the run.          

Consumed and drowning in fear.          
Increased dramatically when he drank his beer.            
He was determined to see me dead.     
But God sent me Angels instead.            

He did what he had to to save my life.            
And get me away from that volatile strife.     
He was driving me crazy.         
Thought I would soon be pushing up daisies              
This happening to too many of our babies.          

We will do our best to make a stand.        
With the help of Gods hand.        
We will raise awareness across this land.             
We are grounded and determined to make a stand.    
And do our best to pull as many kids as we can.       
From eternal quick sand.        

They’re lives deserve to be better.        
Always and Forever.         
Father in the Name of Jesus help us change their path.           
And cleanse a life of wrath.         

Amen Amen and Amen

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