Are our Children an endangered species. Are they being stepped on and destroyed like insects. 70 million never got a chance at life. No not even a millimeter of a slice. Millions beaten and severely abused. Now society wants this to be excused. No one wants any part of finding the answer. Abuse has become our Nations cancer. It’s eating us from within. And they ask where do we begin. News flash these are absolutely a sin. These kids are troubled to say the least. And so many are now deceased. Millions turn their backs. Showing they truly don’t care. You can’t get people to help anywhere. They stop drop and just stare. What’s happening to our world. We should be for protection. For every single boy and girl. They need happiness. That will last a lifetime. And walk away from those who don’t give a dime.

It should be considered a blatant crime. For those who will actually never care. I wish I could say it’s rare.

And to the kids it’s never fair. They will always struggle to go on. But all hurt has been sewn. Buried even after. They have been grown They carry the hurt on and on. Troubled as to why it’s not gone. So many hearts left all alone. As we speak millions turning to stone. Again how long can this go on. Have the people that can help lost their hearts. Do they no longer care about these lives falling apart. So do we let them keep on dying. While you hear in the distance. Their Hearts Crying.

Rodney Timms.

About the Author: Rodney Timms

For Rodney, the cycle of violence was broken. His story is one of survival and resilience. Through the love of his family and his belief in God, Rodney overcame the pain and trauma he suffered as a child to become a loving father and a successful multi-million dollar business owner. Through poetry, prose and public service, Rodney found his voice to speak out against child abuse. Rodney has a powerful story, one that needs to be heard. Through All Truckers Together Against Child Abuse, Rodney Timms hopes to raise awareness across the country to the issue of child abuse. With rolling billboards crisscrossing the U.S.A., fundraising efforts, and partnerships with other agencies, A.T.T.A.C.A. is on a mission to stop the cycles of abuse and provide hope for children everywhere.

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