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Rodney Timms didn’t have an idyllic childhood. He spent most of his young years living in constant fear of his alcoholic and abusive father. Some nights he’d go to sleep wondering if tomorrow would be his last day on earth.

In the small town of Frederick, Oklahoma Rodney learned how to lay low and avoid conflict. That is, until he could take no more of his father’s constant verbal and physical abuse. As an adolescent, Rodney turned to violence and anger to quell the rage he had for his father. He’d soon fund, however, that it was a path he’d rather not take.

In My 3 Angels, Timms tells the story of how a young man’s destiny was changed by the hands of three different but equally important individuals. Had it not been for these three people, Timms writes, he may not be alive today.


In Contract Killer: The Making of a Murderer, Rodney Timms takes you behind the boundaries of acceptable behavior and into the dark abyss of the mind of mass murderers – and the homes that incubated them. Timms will lead you through his own shocking story of child abuse and then reveal the common denominators between Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski; Charles Manson; The Co-Ed Killer, Big Ed Kemler III; serial killer Henry Lee Lucas; the Boston Strangler, Albert DeSalvo; and Jeffrey Dahmer.

During the period from 1957 to 1992, the murder rate in the U/S/ doubled. During that same time, the rate of aggravated assault –attempting to maim or kill – multiplied many times. Seeing this trend, police officials warned that we would soon see mass murderers as young as 12 years old. Today that prediction seems prophetic. If you’ve ever been alarmed and wondered why it is happening, this book will answer your questions.  It is a must read for parents, social workers, law enforcement, and health care workers. It is a wake-up call for America.

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My 3 Angels, Contract Killer


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